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Scott W Fields



Scott William Fields is an entertainer who has been using His voice    creatively for over 40 years now, both as a actor and a singer. In that time he has participated in over 100 local stage productions, mostly as a performer. He has been singing for even longer since 1971, in venues such as Musical Theater, Chorus, Church Choirs, etc., so he has extensive experience working in a team environment.

His versatile voice can bring any project to life. Due to his love of music and the stage, He loves creating characters and can fulfill just about any voice needed. From the honest, warm, sincere voice of the everyday man on the street to that over the top character or anything in between. Scott can bring your copy to life and make your audience sit up and take notice of your project. Some of Scott's clients Include WIZR Radio, Liberty Ridge Farms and Smith and Jones Healthcare Marketing.

Because of Scott's extensive background in theater he takes direction very well, that along with the added benefit of specialized training, he understands the subtle nuances of being a voice over artist as opposed to that of a stage actor. Please listen to his current demos and let him know how he can be of help to you.

Scott looks forward to hearing from you. Thank you for visiting!


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